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Sign Service Repair You Can Trust
Nothing makes a better first impression than quality exterior signage that defines your business. Get the help you need to make sure your signage always looks its' best. Keep it clean, letters and faces in good repair and make sure the lights all work.

Who can help make sure your signs always look their best?

Charlie Holzinger, also known as the 'sign guy' at Mankato Sign Service! He and his crew have been repairing signs for over 34 years. They fix burned out lights, cracked faces, missing trim, convert neon to L.E.D. lights, even paint poles, restore more! They know what to do when your sign needs repair is not working! AND the Mankato Sign Service crew comes with boom trucks, ladders, parts, paint and lots of experience.

Call us today and get on the list for repair. Ask us about sign maintenance schedules too!

Reliable Services

An exterior commercial sign in need of immediate repair from a storm, high winds, cold winter weather or other problems can be treated quickly when you call Charlie and crew at Mankato Sign Service. They will come with boom trucks, ladders, parts, paint and experience to help diagnose the problem and suggest the right repairs the first time. Don't let your sign drive away business - fix it fast with Mankato Sign Service.
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Your One Stop Exterior Sign Repair Solution

Don’t waste hours and money on shoddy amateur work!  Don’t put up with damaged logos or signs!  Your signs represent you. Make sure they look their best! Contact the experts in North Mankato with over 27 years of experience.  Come to Minnesota’s premier source for professional signage. Call Mankato Sign Service today! 

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